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Yuko Turnbull - Hairdresser

Wow ..there has been such a huge shift in my life since working with Christine !! Thank you so much for all the healing and guidance you have given me. I would recommend everyone to have a session with this amazing kind and intuitive soul. She just knows how to fundamentally get to the source of the issue and heal thru the many tools she is a master in. Thank you so much !!!

Dr. Susan Jamieson

“Christine Amala has given me invaluable help and information in my integrative health business, especially with regards to staff, their attributes and how best to utilize their skills.

She has also helped in the areas of business direction, marketing, how to communicate with and attract clients. She is quick, grasping situations immediately, and gives insightful advice – on a much deeper level than the average consultant.”      

Michelle Harris - Teacher

Totally love Christine Amalas work! She always helps shift things on a deeper level and as a clear channel accurately ‘reads’ my situations.
I had been struggling with another bout of bronchial flu. She pin-pointed exactly the cause and we shifted the energetic blocks from multiple levels. I felt the blockages release and came away from the session feeling clearer, brighter and more balanced. Thank you Dear Christine for your divine work.

Allasonne Lewis - Counsellor & EFT Practitioner

Christine over many years has proved to be a consistently reliable and practiced practitioner of EFT and a wide range of healing arts.  Her ability and willingness to hear and support matters of a personal and/or business nature can only be described as excellent.   

I would highly recommend her for her care, dedication and skill.

Anne Jones - Author & Leading Spiritual Teacher

“Christine and I worked in Hong Kong and I have only heard the most positive feedback from her clients. She is incredibly connected spiritually and psychically and can “read” her clients needs and innermost feelings most effectively. She has also given me great guidance in the past and has a loving manner and a down to earth approach that is both comforting and reassuring. I have no hesitation in recommending her and her services.       

Lynne Edel - Aromatherapy Teacher - Langara College

“Christine is always able to see and get to the root of any issue that I have brought to her over the years. With her Inspired Guidance and masterful use of the Emotional Freedom Technique, I have been able to completely shift and transform limiting beliefs and old patterns that have caused much disruption in my life. I am grateful for the work that Christine has done with me and I would not hesitate to recommend her creative insight and healing gifts to anyone who is searching for a new and better way to live their life.”


I started to explore spirituality over 20 years ago, and in that time, I have worked with countless healers and psychics. During that entire period, I have only met a handful who I trust and recommend, and even less that I have continued to work with over a sustained period. Christine is one of those rare gems. I first met her in 2006 in Hong Kong and have worked with her ever since, whether in person or via Skype. Christine is humble and self-effacing. She will tell you that she simply channels, uses the Matrix or EFT. Don’t be fooled. She does, but like no other. She gets right down to the core issue – and then she makes you take responsibility and do the work… and all the while in the background, something magical is occurring…, so that whatever you’re looking at or experiencing shifts. If you are looking for someone to reassure you that it’s all okay or that someone is coming to rescue you – go elsewhere. If you’re looking for someone to help you change your life and your life experience – go to Christine. You won’t regret it.

Saleema - Clinical Hypnotherapist London, UK.

I have been using your Deck of Whale Cards since 2004, and have experienced each chakra being cleared, aligned and brought into clear focus. Since receiving your Book "Activate Crystal Channeling"last year I've been able to see the chakras at a different level, as all comes together as one heart.  Oh such Joy!  There has been a cleansing of particularly the higher chakras like I have not experienced before, as you have been able to channel modes of healing on so many levels. With using the cards day to day, to just sit in the peace with the Beings of Light in each chakra is such a useful tool.  It enables one to gain perspective, receive additional guidance and gifts clearly. Another tool that is useful is being able to use the Earth Star Chakra Card and relevant Book meditation, stating the intention as  developing grounding. Thank-you Amala for such an amazing gift. The energy is pure Liquid Love Light of the finest vibration at so many levels.

Mary Ann Grace - Australia