The Mother Whale Consciousness Codes

Level Three: Completing our foundation level, finding our balance and purpose allows our heart to soar and to connect deeply to the higher realms.
These meditations are where we find our Spirit, our Inner Guidance System. Realigning and reconnecting to our starry chakras brings a connection allowing the flow of information, peace and goodwill. By changing the frequencies we create a divine state of being and become the change we want to see in theworld.

1: Multi Universal Point of Light Chakra (12.48)
2: God Presence Point of Light Chakra (10.50)
3 : Soul Star Chakra (13.28)
4: Life Light Chakra (11.55)
5: Aum Chakra (14.34)
6: Maya Star Chakra (12.15)
7: Light Star Chakra (8.18)
8: Aum Star Chakra (13.23)
9: Raja Star Chakra (13.12)
10: Galactic Crown Chakra (15.55)
11: Galactic Heart Chakra (17.55)


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