The Mother Whale Consciousness Codes

Level Two meditations assist in the balancing and clearing of our  column of light, assisting in our remembering who we really are.
Allow a deeper connection with Heaven on Earth where we might discover our life purpose and the solid sense that all is well in my world! Inner light and love come together and change the world.
1: Galactic Point of Consciousness Chakra (10.33)
2: Universal Point of Light Chakra (10.40)
3: Crown Chakra (13.59)
4: Atomic Doorway Chakra (10.55)
5: Brow Chakra (11.49)
6: Cosmic Point of Consciousness (11.12)
7: Zeal Point of Consciousness Chakra (9.45)
8: Throat Chakra (11.43)
9: Thymus Chakra (12.13)
10: Lemurian – Atlantian – Meruvian Gateways (13.34)
11: Heart Chakra (11.42)


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